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1990s cartoons, animaniacs, animation, anise tatlin, anise x ion, asch the bloody, asch/natalia, avenue q, cartoons, chain of memories organization, crack pairings, disney, dist the reaper, dist the rose, fanfiction, fang the sniper, fantasy, fiction, flcl, fon master ion, genfic, good characterization, goodfic, gurren lagann, haruko, haruko/zexion, het, ic, ienzo, ienzo + kairi, ienzo/kairi, ienzoxkairi, invader zim, kairi + ienzo, kairi + riku, kairi x ienzo, kairi/ienzo, kairiku, kairixienzo, kairixriku, kamina, kh chain of memories, kh crack pairings, kh final mix, kingdom hearts, luke fon fabre, lunar series, marluxia is manly, marluxia is not "gay", marluxia isn't "gay", musicals, nall, naminé, naminé/replica riku, naminé/riku replica, nia, not being a canon!nazi, old nicktoons, ot3, pinky an the brain, platonic sora, princess sally, random stuffs, replica, replica riku/namine, replica riku/naminé, replica rikuxnaminé, repliku, repliku/naminé, replikuxnaminé, repliné, riku, riku + kairi, riku replica, riku replica/naminé, riku replicaxnaminé, riku x kairi, riku/kairi, rikuxkairi, role playing, roleplaying, roxas + xion, roxas x xion, roxas/xion, roxasxxion, rping, satam sonic, satam sonic the hedgehog, simon, sonic the hedgehog, sonic underground, sonic/sally, sonicxsally, sonsal, sora single, spirited away, tales of abyss het, tales of the abyss, vardxskepp, video games, vortexx, vortexxworld, xion + roxas, xion x roxas, xion/roxas, xionxroxas, yoko, zexion, zexion + kairi, zexion is not emo, zexion is not quiet, zexion x kairi, zexion/kairi, zexionxkairi, zexiri